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I don’t know where the rumour started but a lot of people have asked if Freddie dyed his hair.

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I don’t know where the rumour started but a lot of people have asked if Freddie dyed his hair. The simple answer to that is NO. In the twelve years, I was working for Freddie his hair was never dyed. In the last couple of years he was worried about his double crown and slowly losing some of his hair on the top, but he was never concerned about the colour as it remained the black is had always been.

Peter Freestone

There have been quite a few questions regarding Freddie’s stage costumes

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There have been quite a few questions regarding Freddie’s stage costumes. Right from the beginning, Freddie had input in his stage wear. In fact, everything up until the Magic Tour was all the result of his vision. Freddie would come up with his ideas and it was up to us to find what he wanted or find someone who could make it. I remember when we had the ‘arrow’ jacket made, it was a jacket covered in 100s of multicolored satin arrows that he wore on stage twice! The reason it was discarded was that he couldn’t take it off easily as he sweated on stage and the satin stuck to his skin. It was with his solo single ‘I Was Born To Love You’ that he was introduced to Diana Moseley who became his designer of not only his stage and video outfits, but also helped him with some of his styling, suits etc, in his personal life. She became a good friend for Freddie and she really took care of him during the filming of his last videos including ‘I’m Going Slightly Mad’ and of course ‘Days Of Our Lives’. She made sure he had thermal underwear that was comfortable for him as he always felt the cold, even when he was at his peak.

Peter Freestone

Freddie used to carry a shoulder bag.

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Freddie used to carry a shoulder bag. There he would always have the latest copy of ‘Architectural Digest’, a little mirror, a hairbrush in case he’s travelled somewhere and had to make sure he looked fine. Strepsils (throat lozenges), cigarettes, a lighter, and his birthday book. It was a little book with cloth cover and he had everybody’s birthday listed. If he met someone he liked he would take out the book and add in their birthday. He always had his birthday book. He wanted to make sure he never missed a friends birthday, it was a big thing for him. He would also send a personal note after a lovely dinner. He was a real gentleman.

Peter Freestone

Peter freestone about Freddie Mercury

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What is love? I think it’s something different for each person of course but I can assert that the in-love ‘love’ for Freddie started with him feeling comfortable in the company of someone to whom he was going to commit. He would then start to find out things about his intended, a gradual process perhaps lasting some weeks. Strangely, if he found something that was unpalatable in the person’s character, he would often dismiss that information and forget it because he could balance it up with the good things he was discovering.

I don’t think he ever fell “in love” at first sight or anything like that. He loved people, sure, but each person received a different facet of the total love he bore. No one person exclusively received that total love. Ever.

Love is very difficult to understand.
Freddie’s love started with trust. I think that was the only thing that was common to everyone he loved in wherever way. When he stopped trusting someone he stopped loving them. Oddly, he only ever counted the good things about people, his friends. I think it’s why he spent so much time with people whom we on the inside saw on the outside as having a lot of bad points. Freddie would never see these.

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