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Interview 1981

June 11, 2020   Seraja   10

So have you any responsibility to an audience once they’ve bought the album or left the theatre?

In what way? My responsibility to the audience is to put on a good show. They make sure they get good, strong entertainment from Queen in whatever form, whether on record or in concert or on television, and that’s that.

Do you believe musicians play better when they’re hungry? Or now, because you are financially rich, is there a relaxation because you have no money worries? What are the difficulties?

You can play good when you’re struggling and I think you can play good when you’ve made it, as well. It’s a different kind of thing. I mean, when I go on stage, whether I’m rich or starving, I want to give my all. I want to go on there and die for the show! If I have a broken leg or a million pounds or am up to my eyes in debt, I just want to perform. Even having a cold has nothing to do with it – get out there and prove, from what’s inside you, that the act and the audience is the thing.