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Young Freddie at St. Peters School in Panchgani, India circa 1958

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Freddie moved with his parents to Zanzibar, India, as these movements were part of his father’s job. As followers of the Zoroastrian religion, Zanzibar formed their spiritual home. In fact, their grandparents’ hometown was Bulsar in the Gujarat province of western India. It was from the town’s name that Freddie’s
family took the name.

While his parents and his sister Kashmira resided in Bombay, 8 year-old Farrokh was sent in February 1955 to St. Peter’s, an English style boarding school in Panchgani, a small town 50 miles away from Bombay where his education was in better hands. St. Peter’s had four schools, two for girls and two for boys. It was there that classmates began calling him Freddie, a name the family also adopted.

At St. Peters Freddie also began taking piano lessons. He fell in love with the instrument and eventually attained a grade four in theory and practice.

“I was at boarding school for nine years so I didn’t see my parents that often. That background helped me a lot because it taught me to fend for myself.” — Freddie Mercury.

First two pictures – Freddie at School (taken from “St Peter’s School Panchangi Part 2” by Yogi Chopra on Youtube)

Third and last pictures – Freddie at a birthday party (picture taken from mercury-and-queen)
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