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Welcome by Freddie Mercury Online your #1 source for Freddie Mercury. Freddie was the Singer of the band QueenYou now them from the songs Somebody To Love Radio Gaga,and Bohemian Rhapsody and We will Rock you find here information about Freddie and Queen news,pictures.,video's And much more Be sure to check it out .enjoy

Some rare (and not so rare) pictures of Freddie .

1st & 2nd photo: Freddie buying some Japanese clothes and art in Japan, 1986.

3rd photo: Freddie next to Roger at Live Aid’s backstage, 1985.

4th photo: Freddie and Barbara Valentin, circa 1989.

5th photo: Freddie and (probably) Terry Giddings leaving Richoux Restaurant, London circa 1990.

6th photo: Freddie, Roger and Brian in an airplane, 1986.

7th photo: Freddie with Mary Austin, Reihold Mack and Mack’s wife.

8th photo: Freddie and Mr, Itami in Japan, 1986.

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  1. I love Freddie photos! I wonder how many photos were taken of him throughout his career.

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