Freddie never expressed any desire to have children to me at any time. That is not to say he disliked children, he spent time, in the later years with a few. I don’t think he could have accepted the responsibility of taking time out of his life to look after them. He saw, particularly with his bandmates on tour, exactly what was required of them as parents. He did enjoy being around them for a while,but was always happy to ‘hand them back’ at the end of a visit. You must also remember his house was full of valuable objets d’art, many on coffee tables that would be within easy reach of enquiring young hands. He never dreamed of going round the house putting things away before any visit, he just expected the children to be well behaved, and most of them were!

Peter Freestone

We do know Freddie was amazing with children and he became a godfather to a couple of very special children, Reinhold Mack’s son along with John Deacon – Little Freddie and Mary’s oldest son – Richard. He was always fond of all of his friends children

credits eileen