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Freddie for Vogue Magazine, 1984.

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Freddie for Vogue Magazine, 1984.
— Freddie rarely willing appeared in print, but agreed to be one of the five celebrities promoting diamonds for men in a Vogue Magazine supplement publidhed on behalf of “The Diamond Information Centre” in June 1984 edition.

I already posted about this but I was looking through my “Never Boring Book” and I needed to scan it again because just look at this wonderful picture! He looks so handsome and calm… this picture makes me smile. I always thought this was a fake picture before knowing it was for Vogue Magazine and since I knew it was a real one, it became one of my favorite pictures of this gorgeous man.

—— picture scanned by myself from “Never Boring Book”.
—— info from “Freddie Mercury The Great Pretender a life in pictures” book.
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  1. What a beautiful man

  2. Becky Byrd

    It’s a beautiful photo! Thank you.

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