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Young Freddie with other members of “Sour Milk Sea” in Surrey, UK in March 1970.⠀

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Freddie Bulsara auditioned for Sour Milk Sea band after seeing a “vocalist wanted” in the “Melody Maker” (a British weekly magazine).⠀

“Freddie auditioned with us in a youth club in crypt of a church in Dorking. We were all blown away. He was very confident. I don’t think it was any great surprise to him when we offered him the job.” — Rob Tyrell.⠀

He had an immense amount of charisma, which is why we chose him. Although, we were actually spoilt for choice that day. Normally at auditions you’d get four or five guys who were rubbish, but we had two other strong contenders. One was a black guy, who had the voice of God but he didn’t have the looks of Fred, and the other person was Bridget St. John.” — Jeremy Gallop.⠀

I remember Freddie being very energetic and moving around a lot at the audition, coming up and showing me the mic during guitar solos. It was impressive. There was an immediate vibration. He had a great vocal range. He sang falsetto; no one else had the bottle to do it. He said, ‘Make your own songs and I’ll make up my own words’ It was very smart and very good.” — Chris Chesney.⠀

Freddie definitely managed to get what people were there in the palm of his hand, just out of sheer aggressiveness and his good looks. He was very rustic, very effeminate, and very vain. I remember he came to my house and looked in the mirror, with long hair. He said, ‘I look good today. Don’t you think, Rubber? ‘ I thought, Fuck off! I was only eighteen at the time, and I didn’t find it funny. Now it’s hilarious.” — Jeremy Gallop.
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