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When I was about seven years old I had piano lessons

September 21, 2020   Seraja   0

When I was about seven years old I had piano lessons, I did up till grade four. Classical. Practical and theory. Then I gave it up because basically I sort of play by ear really and I can’t sight-read at all. So I gave that up. All my sort of playing is done by ear. I can’t read music that well. It takes me a long while. Harmonies are quite easy [without reading and writing sheet music], you just have to work on it. After a while I just sort of fall into a pattern. And experience. I feel I’m getting better every year, don’t you? I’ve learned a lot from our past albums actually. See how they’re constructed and things. You use what you’ve done in the past, and then work out different things.

Interview with Kenny Everett Capitol Radio, London 1976

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