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This was my view every night

September 19, 2020   Seraja   3

This was my view every night — looking down the Steinway grand piano at Freddie singing ‘We Are the Champions.’ John is in silhouette and, with the swirling smoke and dramatic lighting, it’s an evocative image — one that I saw so many times and just had to capture. This particular photo was taken at the Budokan Arena in Tokyo in February 1981.

Peter Hince credits eileen

  1. I still reminisce on many of Freddie’s songs and concerts.

    • his concerts where so amazinf .so sad i was not there

      • Well we have the flashback audio and video recordings. And although they are awesome, they will never take the place if the original live performances. Songs I hear in my head some times and many of them are Queen because of the lyrical stories he sung, operetta style with his amazing chorus.

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