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Nobody wants to share their life with me.

September 10, 2020   Seraja   10

Nobody wants to share their life with me. It’s like old Hollywood stories where those wonderful actresses couldn’t carry on a relationship because their careers came first. That’s the way is with me. I can’t stop the wheel for a second and devote myself to a love affair because all sorts of business problems would pile up. The wheel has to keep turning and that makes it very hard for anyone to live with me and be happy. It’s just the rigors of success, I guess. I wouldn’t sacrifice my career if a partner wanted me to. It’s my career that keeps me going. What else would I do? Dig weeds, get fat and be beautifully in love? No, I’d like to remain as successful as I am, write beautiful songs and be in love – not that’s it worked up ‘til now. My private life will always be erratic. I’ll keep on trying.

Freddie Mercury

  1. Nice picture of Freddie Mercury getting out of the helicopter at Knebworth Park on 9th August 1986 there BTW.

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