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Freddie on stage Sweden 1982

September 7, 2020   Seraja   0

The band have retired the fast We Will Rock You for now, but it would show up later in the tour as the second song of the show on selected nights. They now have a brand new opening to the show.

A tape of Flash is heard and the venue is dark with only rotating spotlights. Then the lights focus on Brian, Roger, and John as they begin playing at the part of the song just before it breaks down at “Just a man with a man’s courage”, but instead the energy rises as they play the part with intensity. They then seamlessly jump into (a quicker and more energetic than before version of) The Hero as Freddie makes his arrival on stage. A great example of this very effective opening to the show can be seen on the officially-released Live At The Bowl DVD.

freddie mercury online

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