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Freddie Mercury Saw Live Aid As A Competition And Loved It

September 5, 2020   Seraja   2

Freddie Mercury was part of the A-List musical lineup that made up the Live Aid concert of 1985, raising money and awareness for hunger in Ethiopia. Seeing Paul McCartney, Bono, Madonna, and every legendary act you could think of giving it their all gave him a thrill. He said they’d “be trying to outdo each other, which will cause a bit of friction. It makes me personally proud to be a part of it.” Mercury went on to say that he felt like he was part of something that would make everything he’d “done over the years… [pay] off.”
The way they open the set is one of the greatest things you’ll ever see.

credits eileen

  1. janet browning

    Ordinarily Freddie didn’t come across as a competitor, but he seemed to need the extra boost. And then he could call upon it for the nudge to move forward.

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