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Rare picture of Freddie with friends during a party playing Scrabble, circa 1986.⠀

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In an interview with Rolling Stone, veteran keyboardist Spike Edney says when it came to board games, Freddie was “very competitive,” adding, “Scrabble was his big thing and still is for Roger Taylor. They used to have massive Scrabble competitions. Roger enjoys it to this day.”⠀

Scrabble wasn’t the only game that Freddie enjoyed. As Edney recalled, he was hired days before the band’s 1982 Hot Space tour. At the time, he tells Rolling Stone, Mercury was so popular he couldn’t really go anywhere without being mobbed. That’s why, Edney says, “We would stick around the hotel and go up to his suite and play Trivial Pursuit. Very rock & roll!”⠀

“‘If I put this little token on there, I get this little thing and this and this’ and we said ‘Fred that’s not a word’ but he would say ‘YES, OF COURSE IN IS A WORD’ […] Death Scrabble we used to call it.” — Brian May.
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Freddie mercury online

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