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Queen during an interview in Buenos Aires, Argentina 1981

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Queen were the first rock band to play the big football stadiums in South America – a huge accomplishment. Just to grasp the idea of how popular the band were at the time, 9 of the top 10 albums in the Argentinian album chart were Queen albums. Reflecting on 1981, John Deacon later said it was “A year for discovering new audiences we didn’t know existed.” Similar to their first visit to Japan, they were being treated like The Beatles in America in 1964. Radio and TV stations would interrupt regularly scheduled programs with special Queen news bulletins. ⠀

The band have occasional difficulty in concentrating on business as usual while buzzing off the energy of their first South American audience. Mercury stated after the show how nervous the band were, particularly about how the audience, who had never seen a big rock concert, would respond. Much to their delight, everything ran perfectly, on stage and off. After the audience sing the second verse of Love Of My Life (in a mass of Spanish accents), Brian proclaims, “You’re the greatest! You’re the best.”⠀

The show was broadcast live on the radio, but no recording of it has seen the light of day. However, incomplete recordings from a soundboard tape have circulated for many years.
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