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Irritate your neighbors with your singing skills in Let’s Sing Queen

August 1, 2020   Seraja   0

Queen, who doesn’t know them? This legendary rock band, in particular singer Freddie Mercury, has the necessary hits to his name. Are you one of those people who, after a few beers, think that your version of Bohemian Rhapsody is so good that you sing along loudly with the radio, despite the fact that nobody has asked for this? Now you have a reason.

Well, what can be said. It is literally in the title. You can sing along Queen songs. We thought SingStar Queen on PlayStation 2 & 3 had already satisfied enough people, but now Let’s Sing Queen is going to fill the void for Queen fans on PlayStation 4. If you are already mouth watering now, don’t worry. Let’s Sing Queen will be released on October 2.


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