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Freddie with Peter Straker (and with Anita Dobson at Peter Strakers 39th birthday party in London, 1986.⠀

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Freddie with Peter Straker (first picture) and with Anita Dobson and Leslie McGregor “Leeee” John at Peter Strakers 39th birthday party in London, 1986.⠀
Why did Freddie cut his best friend out of his life?⠀

When Peter asked Freddie if he had AIDs, the star denied it and the pair – who had been best friends since the early-70s – never saw each other again.⠀

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Peter is quoted in the book as saying: “All I got from Freddie was that he had this blood thing, and I thought it could have been leukaemia or something like that. He started to get these blotches and I asked about these and he said he had some blood condition. I knew about AIDS but it just never entered my head.”⠀

We had lunch and he was quite blotchy and he had make-up on, and we went upstairs and we were sitting down watching telly on his bed and I said to him, ‘Have you got AIDS?’ and he said, ‘No, I haven’t got AIDS.’ And I said, ‘If there’s anything wrong with you, I’m always here for you,’ and we parted that evening. That was the last time I saw him.”⠀

The singer and star of West End musical ‘Hair’ didn’t attend his pal’s funeral because he was too distraught but he did try to contact Freddie in the last year of his life and was constantly turned away.⠀

Peter added: “When I used to telephone they would never put me through. They’d just say he was busy, he was out, but they got instructions from him, and Joe followed him to the letter. Again, after he died, they all came to see me in a show in the West End and were all apologising, saying, ‘I wish we’d put you through.’ I said, ‘It’s too f**king late now.’ ”⠀

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