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Freddie during “The Works” press conference in Melbourne, Australia, April 15th, 1985

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Did Freddie ever practice yoga or meditation?⠀
To my knowledge Freddie wasn’t involved in either practise. I think Freddie’s philosophy was that the more he was able to do, the more relaxed he would be. For Freddie, all the time I knew him, time was a precious commodity that he didn’t have enough of.⠀

Who was the personal that told Freddie’s parents about his death?⠀
Mary Austin was the obvious person to talk to Freddie’s mother and father at that time as she had constant contact with them for about 20 years. She was the one who visited them with Freddie and she would talk with them on the phone when Freddie was away for any length of time. While they knew me, I only really spoke to them a few times, so I think it would have been harder to hear that news from me.⠀

How did Phoebe (Peter Freestone) meet Freddie?⠀

I’m sure many of you know this, but here goes. The very first time I saw Freddie was in the very early 70s when I was in the Rainbow Room at Biba when Freddie walked in, wearing the fox fur jacket, long hair and painted finger nails, with Mary. The next time I saw him we actually talked. I was working at the Royal Opera House in London, for the Royal Ballet, taking care of the costumes and Freddie was a special guest at a charity gala that the Royal Ballet was organising. Freddie performed Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Bohemian Rhapsody while dancing with the dancers. I met Freddie at the party afterwards and said to him that I thought the combination of Freddie, Queen music and The Royal Ballet was an amazing combination. He thanked me and asked what work I did as he had seen me at the Opera House when he came for rehearsals. I described it and that was the end of the conversation. 2 weeks later the Queen office rang up my boss asking if I would be interested in a 6 week contract looking after the stage costumes for Queen…. And the rest is history.⠀

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