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Boy George has great talent. I like him very much

August 4, 2020   Seraja   25

Boy George has great talent. I like him very much. We became good friends. That Boy’s so brave – he did a lot to make society more tolerant about sexual preferences. When I started out, rock bands all wore dirty jeans, and then suddenly there I was in a Zandra Rhodes frock and make-up. It was totally outrageous. Boy George just updated the whole glam rock bit, but he did it in his own individual way. He has got staying power, which is a crucial ingredient that you need to have. I think he’s going to be here for a long while… a lot of people blow out because of the pressure one gets from being in the public eye like that, but the one thing I do know about George, is that he does love publicity. He just wants publicity at all costs and even seems to thrive on adverse publicity. Well that’s his thing and I just hope he comes through it ok.

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Photo: Backstage at Fashion Aid 85 credits Eileen

  1. I love the outrageous and daring vibe

  2. He was so right, Boy George does have staying power.

  3. Or maybe it was George’s mom who sought to gain publicity for him.

  4. I like Boy George too! I like his songs.

  5. I love his music when he was part of the Culture Club. Sadly, I haven’t heard any of his musical output beyond the 80s. He did stay newsworthy though. I read about him once in a while.

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