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The Rare Interview Of Freddie Mercury Explains If He’s The Leader Of Queen.

31/07/2020   Seraja   10

Queen’s legendary frontman Freddie Mercury’s fan account on Instagram, Freddie Mercury Club, has uploaded a new video about Freddie and revealed one of the rare-known interviews of him on social media.

In the interview, Freddie was talking to South American journalist Gloria Maria and asked about his leadership in the Queen. Even though Freddie was so humble in the first place, he admitted that he’s the leader of Queen later on.

At first, Freddie stated that he was not the leader of the band, he was just the lead singer, and they were all four equal people who decide together. In this way, Freddie showed how a kind person he is.

Later on, the interview insisted on learning the truth from him. Freddie said that all of the members were calling him as a leader and finally admitted that he is the leader of the legendary rock band in a sarcastic way.

Interviewer said:

“As the leader of the band…”

Freddie Mercury replied:

“I’m not the leader of the band by the way everybody calls me the leader of the band. I’m just the lead singer and… No no no there’s no such thing I’m not the general or anything.

We’re all four equal people, four members and… They seem to call me the leader of the band but I’m just the lead vocalist.”

After the interviewer asked the same question in Portuguese, Freddieresponded:

“Yes. I am the leader of the group, yes…”

Credits Freddie Mercury club and metal headzone

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