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On the 12th of July in 1986, Queen performed in the ‘Wembley Stadium’ in London, UK….

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On the 12th of July in 1986, Queen performed in the ‘Wembley Stadium’ in London, UK….

The second night at ‘Wembley Stadium’ is probably Queen’s most famous and well-documented concert.
Mick Jagger was in the audience and hung out with the band before the show.
David Bowie was rumoured to join the band on stage for ‘Under Pressure’, but it was never materialized.

The band, particularly Freddie, seems to be a bit nervous, knowing this big show was being professionally filmed. His voice is in somewhat lesser shape than yesterday, which led to many overdubs for the TV/radio simulcast and official releases.

Brian messes up the tapping solo in the middle of ‘One Vision’.( the one and only time ever)
Later on he completely omits the first half of the ‘Hammer To Fall’ solo.

All of these slight flaws aside, the video demonstrates how Queen had simple mastered their craft, having orchestrated the perfect stadium show. They were able to connect with everyone of the 72.000 people on hand.
Brian would later refer to Queen’s touring work ethics as becoming ‘a well-oiled machine.

The show was billed as ‘Dicky Hart And The Pacemakers’ for fun.
After the show, Queen and some other stars, including Cliff Richard and Samantha Fox, had a jam session at the ‘Kensington Roof Gardens Night Club’. Spandau Ballet was present too and Gary Glitter as well.
Freddie sang ‘ Go Johnny Go’ with

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