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Freddie during a party or interview at Rock In Rio Festival in Brazil for “The Works Tour” in January, 1985

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Queen headlined two nights of the 10-day Rock In Rio festival in 1985, the biggest music festival in history to date. Also headlining two nights each were AC/DC, Yes, and Rod Stewart. Queen played on January 11 and 18, but they hit the stage around 2am each night, technically dating the performances the 12th and 19th respectively. They set a record for paying attendance, playing to 250,000 people each night – the biggest audiences they would ever play for. Some sources say the band played to as many as 350,000 (or even 470,000) on the first night.⠀

Freddie mistakenly sings the end of the first chorus of Under Pressure like the second chorus. Needing to deliver the second chorus differently, he sings it with such beauty and conviction. These qualities remain with him for a great version of Somebody To Love, showing a sense of vocal strength that hadn’t been seen in him since the Hot Space tour.⠀

In the second verse of Killer Queen, Freddie sings, “Perfume came naturally from Rio,” a trick he used back in the late 70s.⠀

After singing “I still love you” in Love Of My Life, Freddie passionately shouts, “And don’t you forget it!”⠀

Freddie makes his entrance for We Will Rock You holding a giant British flag behind him. Before singing the first verse he turns around and reveals a Brazilian flag embroidered to it, prompting a huge roar from the audience. At the end of the concert, he tosses the flag into the audience.⠀

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