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Queen receives her own stamps for the 50th anniversary

The British rock band Queen receives a nice anniversary gift from the Royal Mail. A special stamp set consisting of thirteen stamps will be released in July. Eight album covers, four live group photos and a classic group photo are printed. The set is available from July 9 and costs 17 euros. NME reports this.

Guitarist Brian May was touched by this gesture. “It is difficult to describe what I feel when I see these stamps. From the moment we started as youngsters 50 years ago, we have worked hard to pursue a dream. It is sometimes crazy to realize that we have become a national institution. “

Drummer Roger Taylor shares those sentiments. “We belong to the furniture now! What an enormous honor, I am very grateful. “

The stamps show album covers of Queen II (1974), Sheer Heart Attack (1974), A Night At The Opera (1975), News Of The World (1977), The Game (1980), Greatest Hits (1981) , The Works (1984) and Innuendo (1991).

After the Beatles (2007) and Pink Floyd (2016), Queen is the third British band to be immortalized on a stamp.

Here you can find them

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  1. I love in America. I would love to purchase a set of these stamps. How could I go about doing that ? Will they be available for us to purchase here in America?

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