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Queen performed at Oakland Coliseum Arena in Oakland, California, USA on 12/16/1978.

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The band are simply on fire at this show like they were in Vancouver, and the outrageously enthusiastic audience creates a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Freddie sounds strong tonight, and the mild California air just may have something to do with it.

Brian speaks after Let Me Entertain You: “We’re going to do our best to entertain you in Oakland tonight. We’d like to sing you a song from some time ago. This is a Mercury song called Somebody To Love.”

With his tongue firmly placed in cheek, before the medley Freddie says: “What a quiet, tasteful audience we have here tonight.” He eventually continues: “We’ve dedicated this next song three years ago to a useless piece of garbage that use used to call our manager. I mean, he was a real motherfucker. He really was.” The audience’s excitement is turned up a notch. “We soon got rid of him, and just to make sure he didn’t forget us we wrote a song. This is called Death On Two Legs.”

Freddie, after Dreamers Ball: “We’re gonna try out a few different styles on little mini stage of ours. This next song is gonna be a duet. I think while Roger and John have gone backstage to get their blowjobs as usual, we’re gonna do some more for you.” The comment has the audience in hysterics. “We’ll get our blowjobs after the show. OK, this is very different from the recorded version. We’d like to do it now. It’s called Love Of My Life.” After the song, Brian says, “We appreciate you listening to those things, as well as making noise in the other ones. We really appreciate that. And we appreciate you filling up this beautiful arena. Thank you very much for this welcome. Alright, a little singalong and stuff. If you want to stamp around, it would be very nice. This is ’39.”

Freddie is still feeling silly after It’s Late: “OK, we’re sure getting warmed up right now. On with the show. This next tune features Roger, Brian and… which one? John, that’s the one. John, Roger and Brian are gonna do their stuff tonight. This is a song called Brighton Rock.”

After a great version of Brighton Rock: “Thank you. Brian, Roger and John stretching out there. We’re gonna do a brand new song for you guys right now. This is from the Jazz album. This one is written with all you people with great big tits and big bottoms in mind. It happens to be a double A-side right now. It’s called Fat Bottomed Girls.”

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