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Hungarian Rhapsody

June 20, 2020   Seraja   5

Hungarian Rhapsody: Queen Live in Budapest is a concert film of the British rock band Queen’s performance at the Nép Stadium in Budapest on 27 July 1986. It was part of the band’s final tour with original lead singer Freddie Mercury, The Magic Tour. Queen were one of the few bands from Western Europe to perform in the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War. Equally important, the audience is with the band every step of the way. One reason Queen could play stadiums and fill them up was because they had the ability to make everyone in the audience feel like they were part of a great occasion.

WThat ability was on full display in Budapest, where an estimated 80,000 fans packed Budapest’s Népstadion (“people’s stadium”. to hear Queen perform, making it the largest concert ever performed in that stadium. The film had a limited release in theatres worldwide on 20 September 2012. The concert was released on DVD and Blu-ray for the first time on 5 November 2012 worldwide, except in the United States where it was released a day later. The concert title is a play on the Hungarian Rhapsodies by Franz Liszt and one of Queen’s most celebrated hits, “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

The trailer is attached.

  1. David Folstad

    What a huge event and experience to have been there !

  2. This was so cool to watch. So many people, and to see his magnetism and love for it all. ❤️

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