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Freddie used to carry a shoulder bag.

June 13, 2020   Seraja   3

Freddie used to carry a shoulder bag. There he would always have the latest copy of ‘Architectural Digest’, a little mirror, a hairbrush in case he’s travelled somewhere and had to make sure he looked fine. Strepsils (throat lozenges), cigarettes, a lighter, and his birthday book. It was a little book with cloth cover and he had everybody’s birthday listed. If he met someone he liked he would take out the book and add in their birthday. He always had his birthday book. He wanted to make sure he never missed a friends birthday, it was a big thing for him. He would also send a personal note after a lovely dinner. He was a real gentleman.

Peter Freestone

  1. David Folstad

    That Freddie liked to remember birthdays is revealing about how he cared for people.

  2. I used to be known for remembering birthdays. Now there’s Facebook to remind us all. 😉

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