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Freddie Mercury wouldn’t classify himself as an artist,

June 27, 2020   Seraja   0

Freddie Mercury wouldn’t classify himself as an artist, as in the paintbrush and palette variety. He knew he was an artist in as far as his singing, his performance, his composition and where his design ability were concerned.

His taste always impeccable. They all started with an image in his mind. He saw it as his job to make these mental images a reality. However, there are some quite credible examples of his graphic artwork around but none available to the public as far as I know. But, a known fact, Freddie really could draw. The story behind one of his last sketches from February 1991, was really rather funny.

Freddie was browsing through an art auction catalogue and saw some drawings by Matisse, the famous French impressionist. He looked down and the estimated price was between ten and twelve thousand pounds. He excaimed,”This is ridiculous!” I could draw something like this but it wouldn’t be worth a fraction of that! Here, give me some paper”. And then, in twenty seconds, he virtually did an exact copy of what he saw in front of him. I asked him to sign it for me, I saved it as a little treasure.” This signed picture is one of my most prized possession from Freddie.

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