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June 9, 2020   Seraja   5

“I went to Ealing Art School, in London, the year after Pete Townshend left. Music was a sideline to everything we did, and the school was a breeding ground for musicians. I got my diploma and then I thought I’d chance it as a freelance artist. I did it for a couple of months but then I thought, My God, I’ve done enough. The interest just wasn’t there.”

  1. David Folstad

    Freddie looks rather dapper in that photo I think.

  2. Freddie was always direct with his words. We all know he went onto be one of the greatest names in music.

  3. I think I would had love to see Freddie singing with The Who, wouldn’t that be nice? Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead, Seraja 🙂

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