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Freddie signing autographs outside his hotel in Vienna, July 21st, 1986

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These are some of the pairs of stereoscopic photos that Peter Neutkens made. We are at the hotel entrance signing autographs quite patiently. I’m sure we didn’t always have it. There aren’t many pictures of Freddie signing autographs, he didn’t really like doing it. He was very focused on his priorities, which he was quite clear about. Today things are a bit different. Everyone wants an autograph, to take selfies on the phone, and also want you to talk to their mother on the phone. Do not even think about it!” — Brian May.⠀

I find this quote quite weird since Peter Freestone has always said Freddie barely said no to autographs or photos but oh well! I guess it was different while touring which I can understand since I’m sure he was exhausted and it must be annoying having to stop every two steps to sign autographs . ⠀

—— Pictures scanned by myself from “QUEEN IN 3-D” by Brian May.
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Freddie at Kurita Museum in Japan, 1986

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Freddie had special interest in a lot of aspects of the Japanese culture, he was most interested in art. He was really into Japanse craft and he used to buy a lot of articles to add to his collection everytime he traveled to Japan.

On a private trip to Japan he did with Jim Hutton, Freddie visited the Kurita Museum of ceramics in Tochigi Prefecture.

If you visit the Museum today, it has pictures of Freddie visiting the museum on the inside. It has become a spot for Japanese Queen Fans.

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During the summer of 1969, Freddie asked Roger if he was interested in acquiring a stall in Kensington Market

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During the summer of 1969, Freddie asked Roger if he was interested in acquiring a stall in Kensington Market. Ibex (Freddie) and Smile (Roger) were not bringing in vast amounts of income. This was an opportunity to supplement income. They began selling paintings and drawings which Freddie’s Ealing College friends happily supplied as well as Freddie’s own artwork but the stall wasn’t a resounding success. So, after a rethink, they decided to sell clothes. Victorian clothing and scarves, fur coats, jackets and stoles. The clothes sold quite well and they made a small welcome profit.

However, always with an eye on a bigger profit, one day Roger sold Freddie’s own jacket, which a customer had spotted hanging up at the back, for £20. Freddie was furious and chased after the customer, demanding his jacket back. He returned the customer’s money and ran back to Roger threatening violence! Roger adamantly stood his ground, insisting he sold it so they could get something to eat and pay taxi fare home.