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the behind story of Freddie’s iconic song music video.

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One of the biggest fan accounts of Queen legend Freddie Mercury on Instagram, Freddie Mercury Club, revealed the behind story of Freddie’s iconic ‘In My Defence’song’s music video.

As you might know, In My Defence released in 1986, and the remix version of the song released in 1992, which reached the top 10 singles in the United Kingdom’s weekly charts. The song was written by ‘Dave Clark,’ ‘David Soames,’ and ‘Jeff Daniels.’

In the caption, the admin of the page showed how a great vocalist Freddie was by revealing that the vocal lines of the song were recorded in the first session, which is a really uncommon thing in the music industry.

Furthermore, the admin mentioned that the music video of ‘In My Defence’ was released after the death of Freddie, and explained why it is so emotional to watch the music video. The admin said that the director of the video, Rudi Dolezal, used lots of materials from Freddie’s career and unseen footages of him.

Here is what admin of the page wrote:

“In My Defence. The song was written by Dave Clark, David Soames and Jeff Daniels for the musical ‘Time.’

In My Defence was recorded in October 1985 at Abbey Road Studios, London and at Musicland Studios, Munich six months after the release of Mr Bad Guy and was originally released in May 1986 on the soundtrack-album of ‘Time.

Freddie Mercury club

⁣Freddie for Vogue Magazine in 1984

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Freddie rarely willingly appeared in print, but agreed to be one of five celebrities promoting diamonds for men in a Vogue magazine supplement published on behalf of The Diamond Information Centre in the June 1984 edition.⠀

Freddie’s chosen diamond pieces were a pair of black aluminium cufflinks set with one diamond desgined by Roger Doyle and a gold and diamond signet ring by Cartier. The others celebrities featured were singer Lon Sutton, David Essex, Placido Domingo and Billy Connolly.⠀

On this T-shirt Freddie wears a diamond and steel stud by Tom Dobbie.⠀

© Scanned by Freddie Mercury online Instagram from “Freddie Mercury, The Great Pretender: A life in pictures” book.

Queen ‘s Spanish report with interviews in “Weekly Report”

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Queen ‘s Spanish report with interviews in “Weekly Report”, a television arts program directed by Mari Carmen García Vela, which was broadcast Saturday, August 2, 1986 and was recorded a few hours before their show in Barcelona. The report was filmed for their 3 shows in Spain to promote their iconic “Magic Tour”, which had been celebrated across Europe since June of that year, it was also the band’s first time playing in Spain since 1979. In the early days of August, the band performed in Barcelona, Madrid and Marbella, as Queen’s last concerts before their last concert in Knebworth Park on August 9, 1986.