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Freddie and David had met years before they became world famous.⠀

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When Freddie moved from Zanzibar to England in 1964, he got interested in rock ‘n’ roll and soon got wind that Bowie (who was a folk-styled singer playing at pubs and clubs at the time) was due to play a lunchtime show at Ealing Art College (where Freddie attended).⠀

Rolling Stones Magazine said that the future Queen frontman was impressed by the “star” in their midst and offered to help setting up the stage, carrying equipment and other menial tasks. At this point, Bowie had a string of flop singles to his name, including The Laughing Gnome and Love You Til Tuesday.⠀

After Freddie finishes college in 1969, he started working at a second-hand clothing stall at Kensington’s Market with Roger Taylor. After the interprise had failed, Freddie ended up working in another stall-holder, Alan Mair.⠀

One day after Bowie released his hit single – Space Oddity, he was strolling around Kensington’s Market and he ended up at Alan Mair’s stall, compleye with assistant Freddie.⠀

“‘Space Oddity’ had been a hit, but he said he had no money,” Mair told biographer Mark Blake in Is This the Real Life? The Untold Story of Queen. “Typical music biz! I said, ‘Look, have them for free.’ Freddie fitted Bowie for the pair of boots. “So there was Freddie Mercury, a shop assistant, giving pop star David Bowie a pair of boots he couldn’t afford to buy.”

It’s a small world isn’t it? Who would have told either Freddie or Bowie that they would end up being huge rock stars and they’ll record an amazing song together! I loved reading this story
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My favourite memory of him is that very first concert at Hammersmith Odeon,” Mrs Bulsara said.

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“My favourite memory of him is that very first concert at Hammersmith Odeon,” Mrs Bulsara said. “My boy was showing the best of himself as support to Mott the Hoople. When the show was over people came over to me and my husband and said it was nice that we supported him. I said simply: ‘Well, he is my son.’ Rock and roll was not my lifestyle, but I said I would attend every concert. It was very exciting for me. It was December 1973 and he always used to dress flamboyantly. But I used to tell him to have his hair cut short as it was long. He said ‘No, no mum, that is the way I am. But when short hair came into fashion he said: ‘You see I’ve had it cut short. I did it’.”

  • Jer Bulsara
    Interview 2011 – The Telegraph
    The concert Jer was referring to Hammersmith Odeon in London December 14, 1973

Did Freddie get annoyed with fans outside the Garden Lodge?⠀

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Did Freddie get annoyed with fans outside the Garden Lodge?⠀

I think annoyed is too strong a word. Sometimes Freddie might get a bit irritated that there might be a welcoming committee waiting for him when he got home, as he would have been having a good time with friends and then have to get into the ‘Freddie Mercury’ mode to get out of the car, and get ready for photos and autographs. Freddie was always prepared for this as he left the house to go out. He always said that it was part of ‘the job’. The fans had given him everything he had, so it was a way he could give something back to the fans.⠀

What would Freddie be doing if he was still with us?⠀

Easy, Freddie would still be making music. Music was Freddie’s reason for living, as was shown with the amount of songs Freddie composed and sang on in the last four years of his life. He might have expanded his musical output, having had a success with working with Montserrat Caballe, and as Dave Clark said after they worked together on the music from ‘Time’, Freddie was considering co-writing a new musical with him.⠀

What was Freddie’s favorite dessert?⠀

Freddie really didn’t have a sweet tooth, so desserts never figured highly on meal menus at home. Sometimes he would want something sweet with a cup of tea in the afternoons and that is when the home made almond and cherry cake would make an appearance.⠀

cr: Phoebe (Peter Freestone),
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I remember an accident at the Europehalle in Hanover,

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I remember an accident at the Europehalle in Hanover, it was September 22, 1984, I was chatting with Freddie’s bodyguard (Terry) when we both saw him fall. We didn’t know if he had done it on purpose or not until a grimace of pain appeared on his face. We hurried to pick him up. There was a moment of bewilderment, because they were only halfway through the performance.

Freddie said he would not interrupt the performance so as not to disappoint the fans. He decided to play three more songs sitting at the piano, Freddie realized by only that he had injured his knee ligament again. It was not worth taking a painkiller, so the bodyguard and I brought him back to the stage, making him sit on the piano stool. I could only imagine what he was feeling at that moment, but the emotion of the audience was palpable when Freddie came back on stage supported by us and explained what happened and how the show would go on. The spectators welcomed him with so much determination and courage.
At the end of the three pieces, Freddie was driven to the hospital, where an x-ray revealed that the injury was less serious than feared. (P.F.)