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Freddie and Elton on stage at Manchester’s Apollo Theater during Elton’s UK tour in late 1982.

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Freddie and Elton on stage at Manchester’s Apollo Theater during Elton’s UK tour in late 1982.

“Among Freddie’s closest friends was Elton John, or “Sharon” as Freddie affectionately referred to him [if you were part of the inner circle you were destined to be granted a new title by Freddie: hence assistant Peter Freestone became “Phoebe”, roadie Peter Hince “Rattie”, manager Jim Beach “Sylvia la Plage”, names by which many remain known today].
Conficting touring scheduled meant Freddie and Elton were seldom in the same place at the same time, but on one rare occasion they got to appear on stage together — at Manchester’s Apollo Theater during Elton’s UK tour in late 1982. Not wanting to be outshone on stage by Elton’s baubled and braids, Freddie cunningly borrowed one of Elton’s military styled outfits before joininh him at the piano.”
—— pic & text creds: Freddie Mercury: the great pretender, a life in pictures book.
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Queen performed at The Palace Theatre in Waterbury, Connecticut,in 1976.

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Queen performed at The Palace Theatre in Waterbury, Connecticut, USA in 1976.
This is the opening show of the 1976 US tour, most likely including the first performance of Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon.

About 40 pictures were snapped at this show from the front row. Freddie was aware of the photographer’s presence and really hammed it up for the camera, making for some stunning poses. They are still in the photographer’s possession and unfortunately that’s likely where they will remain. There’s only a couple that we have.

In a 1977 UK newspaper interview, Brian May recalled how this was the first tour where the venues were selling out everywhere. He then spoke about the differences between British and American audiences: “Here the fans are more reserved until they have reached a point where they can explode. In the States they are ready to explode at the beginning. They will give you anything you want – once you gain their favour.”

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Rare picture of Freddie with friends during a party playing Scrabble, circa 1986.⠀

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In an interview with Rolling Stone, veteran keyboardist Spike Edney says when it came to board games, Freddie was “very competitive,” adding, “Scrabble was his big thing and still is for Roger Taylor. They used to have massive Scrabble competitions. Roger enjoys it to this day.”⠀

Scrabble wasn’t the only game that Freddie enjoyed. As Edney recalled, he was hired days before the band’s 1982 Hot Space tour. At the time, he tells Rolling Stone, Mercury was so popular he couldn’t really go anywhere without being mobbed. That’s why, Edney says, “We would stick around the hotel and go up to his suite and play Trivial Pursuit. Very rock & roll!”⠀

“‘If I put this little token on there, I get this little thing and this and this’ and we said ‘Fred that’s not a word’ but he would say ‘YES, OF COURSE IN IS A WORD’ […] Death Scrabble we used to call it.” — Brian May.
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Mary Austin: the Love Behind the Voice of Freddie Mercury

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 Austin is a name you may not recognize right off the bat, but believe it or not, she had a hand in influencing some of the most recognizable, timeless and revered music of the last couple generations. Still stumped? What if you were to hear the name Freddie Mercury or better yet, Queen? I know you’ve got the idea now, but as a final clue here are the lyrics from Queen’s song “Love of my Life”

“Love of my life, can’t you see

Bring it back, bring it back

Don’t take it away from me, because you don’t know –

What it means to me”

It was Mary Austin that was the inspiration behind this very song (as well as many others, I’m sure.) Though never officially married, Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin shared their life together for six years. Born in Fulham, West London, in 1951, her father was a wallpaper specialist and her mother was a cleaner for a small company. It’s easy to see why Freddie was so drawn to Mary. Growing up, as Mary did, in a modest household is, quite often, enough to make someone humble. Humbleness coupled with deep compassion for people, partly developed from having two deaf parents must have struck a chord for (believe it or not) shy and humble Mercury.