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I doubt Fred ever played ball or rooted in the stands (for the Zanzibar Rovers

July 22, 2020   Seraja   3

I doubt Fred ever played ball or rooted in the stands (for the Zanzibar Rovers?), But what he cared about football was the cohesion that arose during matches, passion and fervor. Despite Fred’s privileged social extraction, he managed to communicate with ordinary people and fans. He followed football on TV and all major sporting events. After the English national team, his favorite team was Brazil, whose formidable technical virtuosity was appreciated, the smile was always put on the face and the loyal army of happy and colorful fans. Honestly, sometimes Fred played football on stage: when the audience threw some ball at him, he strongly sent it back to the sender, showing a certain style. If he had played behind the flagship striker as a trequartist, he would have been a strong and imaginative footballer. The only outdoor sport I saw him play is tennis, which Roger used to play when it happened.
Peter Hince

Freddie in what became known as ‘the snooker outfit’

July 18, 2020   Seraja   9

“Freddie was very into tuxedos and bow ties by this time. He said it was to do with getting old and calming down, but we called it the Barcelona effect, the influence of working with Montserrat Caballé.” — Peter Hince.

This was Freddie’s personal favourite portrait, it later was used for the cover of “The Freddie Mercury Album”.

© text taken from “Freddie Mercury: the great pretender. A life in pictures” book.

I think this is one of my favourite to . he have so much confidence in this photo.

You already saw the photosheet. I hope the pictures come online soon. Beautiful photoshoot from a beautiful man .

Listen to Freddie Mercury’s imperious isolated vocal on Queen song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

July 12, 2020   Seraja   5

We’re digging through the archives to remember the world’s best rock vocalist, Freddie Mercury. A performer like no other and a personality unmatched, we thought we’d celebrate the Queen singe the only way we know how; by basking in the joyous power of his incredible vocal on his “rock opera” ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. 

Isolated vocal tracks usually wield a great deal of power. After all, removing the cluttering noise of the band allows the singer’s emotions to triumph above all else. However, with Freddie Mercury, the heavyweight clout of such a vocal performance lands like a boxer’s right hook, dislodging our jaw in sheer amazement.