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Joe Fanelli started out as Freddie’s boyfriend in 1978.

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Joe Fanelli started out as Freddie’s boyfriend in 1978. He would become an extraordinarily special friend to Freddie. Their relationship didn’t last but a beautiful, loyal friendship developed and Joe remained in Freddie’s life as his dearest friend, chef, assistant, confidant and caregiver until the very end. I have so much respect and admiration for Joe. Freddie’s friends were important to him and he has said, he demands a lot but he’ll give so much more in return.The dearest of friends reunited again According to Jim Hutton, Joe sadly passed away December 1992.

What Was Freddie Mercury’s Favorite Queen Song?.

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Queen have a huge catalog of hits. Many of the band’s fans would have a hard time picking their ten favorite Queen songs, much less their favorite Queen song. Freddie Mercury was different.

Mercury was both Queen’s frontman and one of the major creative forces behind the band. If anyone knew Queen’s catalog, he did. Despite this, he had no difficulty choosing his favorite Queen song.

Critics often hail “Bohemian Rhapsody” as the crown jewel of the Queen canon. In addition, the band gave us sports anthems, killer disco tracks, and more experimental songs. However, Mercury: An Intimate Biography of Freddie Mercury says Mercury’s favorite Queen song was a gospel number called “Somebody to Love.”


Some people can take second best

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Some people can take second best, but i can’t. I look upon it as a defeat. If you’ve got the taste for beeing number one, then numer two isn´t good enough.

Freddie Mercury, “A life, in his own words.”


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Queen had entered the ‘80s with the release of their single “Save Me” in January 1980, but that soon seemed like a toe in the water when follow-up “Play the Game” arrived on May 30. The song itself was notable for being the first Queen piece to feature a synthesizer, but it was the video that generated the real buzz.

Freddie Mercury had already cut off his trademark long hair and stopped painting his fingernails. The “Save Me” video and the album art for turning-point album The Game – to arrive in June – showed him without those classic ‘70s adornments. The changes had caused “the grief of many of his female fans,” as Jacky Gunn reported in 1992 book Queen: As It Began, adding: “The result was that gifts of razors and bottle of black nail polish flooded the band’s office

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