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It’s International Cat Day! Did you know Freddie Mercury wrote a song about his favorite cat ‘Delilah’?
No doubt about it: Freddie Mercury was a cat person. Throughout his life he had several cats and on tour he could miss them terribly. Peter Freestone wrote Freddie’s memoir and in the book you can read that the singer often called his cats when he was away from home. A family member or friend on the other end of the line arranged for him to ‘speak’ to the cats. “His cats were his family,” says Freestone. The pets were also pampered during holidays. Mercury always made sure that each cat got his or her own Christmas stocking, filled with treats and toys.


It just didn’t stop with calling. He even wrote a song about his favorite cat! Drummer Roger Taylor didn’t really want to put the song ‘Delilah’ on the album Innuendo, but agreed at the request of Freddie. The singer eventually had quite a few cats. He saved Dorothy, Tiffany, Delilah, Lily, Miko, Goliath, Oscar and Romeo from the shelter. Mercury also shared cats Tom and Jerry with ex-girlfriend Mary Austin. He contributed his album Mr. Bad Guy to them. “This album is dedicated to my cat Jerry, but also Tom, Oscar and Tiffany and all the cat lovers all over the universe. Fuck the rest!” Said Freddie at the time.


Freddie Mercury, Misa Watanabe and Jim Hutton in Japan, 1986.

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Freddie Mercury, Misa Watanabe and Jim Hutton in Japan, 1986.

“One of his favourite people was Misa Watanabe who was his personal guide in Japan. She and her husband owned huge chunks of the place, he was Mr. Suntory and Misa was in charge of music publishing amongst other things. It was great to walk around the department store after it was closed and all the people working there had to stay behind waiting at their counters for Freddie to go round making his choice of whatever he wanted, which was then duly packed up and sent to his hotel. Payment was sorted out with Misa at a later date. Freddie felt some sort of contentment in Japan he found nowhere else. Life could be so frantic and Tokyo was always so busy, but he continually found it a place to recharge his batteries.”

Peter “Phoebe” Freestone credits eileen

My privat life is private and, okay, little bits of is snkeak out,

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My privat life is private and, okay, little bits of is snkeak out, and I can come up with outrageous quotes, and that´s as far as I go. I hate talking to people about myself. When I talk to people , I like to talk about them, and more intersting things. After all these years, I think peole know just about everything about me, so basically, I’m just saying the same old t ings. I don´t want everyone to know about my real inner feelings, because that´s my private life.

Freddie Mercury, “A Life In His Own Words”.

Freddie during “The Works” press conference in Melbourne, Australia, April 15th, 1985

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Did Freddie ever practice yoga or meditation?⠀
To my knowledge Freddie wasn’t involved in either practise. I think Freddie’s philosophy was that the more he was able to do, the more relaxed he would be. For Freddie, all the time I knew him, time was a precious commodity that he didn’t have enough of.⠀

Who was the personal that told Freddie’s parents about his death?⠀
Mary Austin was the obvious person to talk to Freddie’s mother and father at that time as she had constant contact with them for about 20 years. She was the one who visited them with Freddie and she would talk with them on the phone when Freddie was away for any length of time. While they knew me, I only really spoke to them a few times, so I think it would have been harder to hear that news from me.⠀

How did Phoebe (Peter Freestone) meet Freddie?⠀

I’m sure many of you know this, but here goes. The very first time I saw Freddie was in the very early 70s when I was in the Rainbow Room at Biba when Freddie walked in, wearing the fox fur jacket, long hair and painted finger nails, with Mary. The next time I saw him we actually talked. I was working at the Royal Opera House in London, for the Royal Ballet, taking care of the costumes and Freddie was a special guest at a charity gala that the Royal Ballet was organising. Freddie performed Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Bohemian Rhapsody while dancing with the dancers. I met Freddie at the party afterwards and said to him that I thought the combination of Freddie, Queen music and The Royal Ballet was an amazing combination. He thanked me and asked what work I did as he had seen me at the Opera House when he came for rehearsals. I described it and that was the end of the conversation. 2 weeks later the Queen office rang up my boss asking if I would be interested in a 6 week contract looking after the stage costumes for Queen…. And the rest is history.⠀

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Freddie’s interview with David Wigg 1986

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David: Are there any new challenges left though, for you?

Freddie: It’s trying to keep the band going when everybody says it’s breaking up, to be honest, really that’s sort of turned round in such a way, because I mean, we were all getting really desponded and we all wanted to do different things, and when you have that in your sort of bloodstream, as it, as it were, the slightest things that happens you just say ‘fine, that’s it’, you know, so it’s like you just need the, the slightest excuse to actually um, break up the band, and, for some odd reason I think, after, after sort of being on tour already, because we’ve done half the tour (David: yes) at the moment, and er, there was this um, thing that we start, we had started the tour, and I had sort of made up my mind that after the tour we’re gonna, but not let it out, or anything, we’re just gonna sort of finish the tour and then think about it, but I’d sort of made up my mind, but I mean, having said that, I was the one that actually changed, I mean I’m so, I do, I do, I’m a man of moods sometimes, so I mean, I suddenly thought that everything was going so well, and I sort of, I don’t know, from somewhere or other, I just got, I got a sort of, um, new found sort of force I think, suddenly there’s sort of more left in Queen, so, having said that I mean well, at the end of the tour I’ll probably say it’s finished, but I mean we really want to stay together. Where it really gets, um, pretty hectic in those areas is when we actually do an album, because I mean we do get on each other’s nerves and we actually really, it’s, it’s a real, it’s a pretty solid workout on that, and then you actually start thinking ‘is it really worth it after all these years’, because