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Welcome by Freddie Mercury Online your #1 source for Freddie Mercury. Freddie was the Singer of the band QueenYou now them from the songs Somebody To Love Radio Gaga,and Bohemian Rhapsody and We will Rock you find here information about Freddie and Queen news,pictures.,video's And much more Be sure to check it out .enjoy
Brian about Freddie

Brian about Freddie

“Freddie was largely his own man; He made a very early decision in his life that he would do things his way, and what we felt. He was going to manage his own life, and he would manage his own attitude towards what he was suffering towards the final era of his business. So, in some ways, that gagged us, which was difficult for us. We can also find without being able to talk about it with your friends. “Now that is a bit high.”
Brian May

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