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Welcome by Freddie Mercury Online your #1 source for Freddie Mercury. Freddie was the Singer of the band QueenYou now them from the songs Somebody To Love Radio Gaga,and Bohemian Rhapsody and We will Rock you find here information about Freddie and Queen news,pictures.,video's And much more Be sure to check it out .enjoy
Queen were absolutely the best band of the day,

Queen were absolutely the best band of the day,

“Queen were absolutely the best band of the day,” he remembered. “They played the best, had the best sound, used their time to the full. They understood the idea exactly, that it was a global jukebox. They just went and smashed one hit after another. It was the perfect stage for Freddie: the whole world. And he could ponce about on stage doing We Are The Champions. How perfect could it get?”

Bob Geldof

Picture from Neal Preston’s new book

Queen photographed at Rockfield in 1975.

Queen photographed at Rockfield in 1975.
: Chris Walter.

Queen recorded the albums “Sheer Heart Attack” and “A Night At The Opera” at Rockfield studios.

It was in Rockfield’s old horse tack room where the final piece of a six-minute rock operetta was lovingly mastered by Queen in the summer of 1975.

When the studio’s co-owner Kingsley Ward walked in on Freddie Mercury playing on the dusty old piano in the corner of the food store, little did he know he was getting an exclusive preview into what would eventually become one of the most acclaimed songs of all time.

“I went in and Freddie was sat in the corner – he was probably doing the finishing touches to Bohemian Rhapsody. Then it was called Freddie’s Thing.” — Kingsley.

The track is Rockfield’s most famous export and the song that made Queen a household name across the world, recorded at the studio during a six-week stint in 1975.

“Musical Hogwarts” is how Chris Martin describes it. To Liam Gallagher it’s the “Big Brother House with tunes”, but for Ozzy Osbourne it’s the birthplace of heavy metal.

It’s where Oasis created their masterpieces, where Bohemian Rhapsody came to life and where Coldplay’s journey into the musical stratosphere took off.

Ah! I love all the bands that recorded in that studio! It looks so beautiful (you can see pictures of that studio on google)… I love the way Chris Martin from Coldplay described the place.
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My Melancholy Blues

My Melancholy Blues

‘My Melancholy Blues’ is the last song on Queen’s outstanding sixth album, ‘News Of The World.’ One of the amazing attributes of Queen throughout their career was the diversity of musical styles contained within each of their albums. This was especially true of the band in the 1970’s. The News Of The World album was no exception, it contains an operatic piano rocker, punk inspired hard rock, jazz, bluesy rock, an acoustic ballad, piano ballads.

My Melancholy Blues is a stripped back, jazz influenced track that features just piano, bass and very light drums. An intoxicating jazzy piano blues, reminiscent of a smoky nightclub entertainer, a fantasy combination of Hoagy Carmichael and Ella Fitzgerald perhaps, this throws some moody stardust round the studio. This is just Freddie’s vocals, pure, simple and brilliant. A perfect close on a fabulous album.

Here’s the clip to enjoy

Freddie with fans 1986

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⁣Freddie signing autographs outside his hotel in Vienna, July 21st, 1986.⠀
“These are some of the pairs of stereoscopic photos that Peter Neutkens made. We are at the hotel entrance signing autographs quite patiently. I’m sure we didn’t always have it. There aren’t many pictures of Freddie signing autographs, he didn’t really like doing it. He was very focused on his priorities, which he was quite clear about. Today things are a bit different. Everyone wants an autograph, to take selfies on the phone, and also want you to talk to their mother on the phone. Do not even think about it!” — Brian May.⠀

I find this quote quite weird since Peter Freestone has always said Freddie barely said no to autographs or photos but oh well! I guess it was different while touring which I can understand since I’m sure he was exhausted and it must be annoying having to stop every two steps to sign autographs . Anyway I love seeing pictures of Freddie with fans and that one of Brian is so sweet .⠀

P.S: I’m sorry for the quality of the pictures, my printer broke and I have to scan them with a scanning app on my phone .⠀

—— Pictures scanned by myself from “QUEEN IN 3-D” by Brian May.
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