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Let’s talk about “News Of The World” illustrated cover…

The cover of the album contains a striking adapted image of a painting from the 1950s by the renowned American science fiction artist Frank Kelly Freas.

The disturbing representation of a giant robot tearing off the four members of the band from a shattered concert hall is among the most striking imagery in all of Queen, as is the inner image that appeared when the cover was displayed, with the same robot extending its hand to grab the fleeing audience.

The idea came from Roger Taylor, who had seen an issue of the American magazine ‘Astounding Science’ and thought that, adapting it a little, the illustration would be an excellent cover for the new album. Kelly Freas was contacted, who loved the idea of adapting his robot to that unlikely scenario and modifying the image so that two members of the band would leave, shot and inert, in the hand of the blood-stained robot while the other two lifeless bodies fall to the ground.

Forty years later, it is among the most impressive and memorable artistic creations that any artist has made for an album.

1st and 2nd photos — Cover and inner cover of my vinyl copy.

3th photo — Original illustration by Frank Kelly.

4th photo — The band met Frank Kelly Freas met at Chrysler of Art of Norfolk Museum in Virginia, US on november 26th 1977. Frank gave limited edition of his science fiction book to the band.

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