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Welcome by Freddie Mercury Online your #1 source for Freddie Mercury. Freddie was the Singer of the band QueenYou now them from the songs Somebody To Love Radio Gaga,and Bohemian Rhapsody and We will Rock you find here information about Freddie and Queen news,pictures.,video's And much more Be sure to check it out .enjoy
freddie with fans 1980

freddie with fans 1980

⁣Pictures of Freddie signing an autograph to a fan while he was growing his iconic mustache in 1980.
 Let’s talk about Freddie’s iconic mustache.⠀

 Freddie started growing his mustache during “The Game” era and he probably grown it between March-August 1980. Even though we see Freddie without a mustache in the cover of the album, the album sleeve features a photo of Freddie with the ‘stache. Freddie appeared for the first time with this new look in Queen’s “Play The Game” music video.⠀

 The mustache “clone” look was popular at the time specially in the gay community. ⠀
⠀It’s claimed that some fans brought disposable razors to shows and threw them onto the stage. ⠀

In one concert (SWIPE TO LAST SLIDE TO HEAR) Freddie ask to fans: “Do you girls like this mustache? Any boys like the mustache? A lot of people are hating it — I don’t flgive a fuck, actually… it’s my mustache and I’m gonna keep it!”⠀

 I love the fact that Freddie didn’t care about anyone’s opinion and he was confident enough to do whatever he wanted! This is one of the things this man has done for me, he has helped me be more confident with some stories like this and I do really appreciate it . ANYWAY the throwing razors onto the stage part… poor boys! They could have been hurt 

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