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Queen Live !! September 20, 1984, the band performed at Groenoordhallen

Queen Live !! September 20, 1984, the band performed at Groenoordhallen in Leiden, Netherlands with Air Race as the opening act.
The Works Tour

Two nights in Leiden, September 19 and 20, were originally planned (as seen on tour t-shirts, in the fan club magazine, and in the tour programme), but for some reason only this date remained.

The support act from now through the end of the European tour is a band called Air Race, whose drummer is Jason Bonham, son of Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham.

This is one of those great shows where the audience are an enthusiastic bunch and sing most of the songs along with the band. They clearly propel the band to turn in a much stronger than average performance. Freddie’s voice is in pretty good shape and sounds very powerful throughout, although he is now at the point in the tour where he can’t nail the beginning of It’s A Hard Life anymore.

“You always give us a great welcome in the Netherlands. Our fortunes in the rest of the world sometimes go up and down but it seems like in Holland we always have friends,” admits Brian before Is This The World We Created. The audience even sing this one word for word, and Freddie stops the festivities half way through. “You’re the first audience to sing the song, really. You fuckers can do anything, I just know.” While it seems to the average person in the audience that he’s stopping purely to let them sing the higher part of the chorus, he’s doing it because he can’t hit the notes. Regardless of the reason, it is a wonderful sound heard on this night.

Referring to his 12-string, Brian says, “You can do anything with this, you know,” and then he starts playing ’39. “You know the words,” Freddie says. And they do – the audience sing a verse and chorus perfectly all on their own, while Freddie throws in the odd few words he hasn’t forgotten (he hadn’t sung the song on stage in nearly five years). Half way through the first verse he remembers, “And the night followed day,” and he very quickly adds, “And something else happens.” This is the last time the song would be played on stage, although Brian would play the guitar theme on his 39th birthday in Cologne a couple years later.

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