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I was asked about my feelings when I think about Garden Lodge.

September 20, 2020   Seraja   2

I remember some of the great times that were had there. While Freddie was alive, it was the warmest, most welcoming home that I could wish for. It was decorated most beautifully, it was filled with great furniture and as Freddie said, it wasn’t a museum; it was a house to be lived in and enjoyed. For me, the minute Freddie passed away, it became just bricks and mortar, it lost the warm glow that Freddie imbued into it. With Freddie no longer there, it didn’t hold anything for me. When I left those few months later I took some wonderful memories with me.

Peter Freestone

credits eileen

  1. I love that guy. A complete artist, wonderful voice, beautiful, sexy, funny, sometimes genious, but everything about him was great and his talent has given and still gives many joys to his fans. How can I not love him, how can I forget him? Eternal Freddie !!!

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