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I remember an accident at the Europehalle in Hanover,

September 22, 2020   Seraja   0

I remember an accident at the Europehalle in Hanover, it was September 22, 1984, I was chatting with Freddie’s bodyguard (Terry) when we both saw him fall. We didn’t know if he had done it on purpose or not until a grimace of pain appeared on his face. We hurried to pick him up. There was a moment of bewilderment, because they were only halfway through the performance.

Freddie said he would not interrupt the performance so as not to disappoint the fans. He decided to play three more songs sitting at the piano, Freddie realized by only that he had injured his knee ligament again. It was not worth taking a painkiller, so the bodyguard and I brought him back to the stage, making him sit on the piano stool. I could only imagine what he was feeling at that moment, but the emotion of the audience was palpable when Freddie came back on stage supported by us and explained what happened and how the show would go on. The spectators welcomed him with so much determination and courage.
At the end of the three pieces, Freddie was driven to the hospital, where an x-ray revealed that the injury was less serious than feared. (P.F.)

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