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  1. Sherry F Feldman

    Freddie looked “gentler” without his iconic mustache. He was gorgeous either way.

  2. The music video for Freddie Mercury’s cover version of The Great Pretender actually marks the last appearance of his trademark moustache since 1980, although he only had it in some shots of that video such as when he was in the giant prawn outfit, when he pushes the vacuum cleaner, when he was with Debbie Ash and finally in the costume that he wore for his promotional video called Made In Heaven for the recreated scenes as well as promotional shoots IIRC. So the video for said song evens marks the first time Freddie appears without his said moustache since Queen’s 1979 music video Save Me. Also according to Queen The Complete Works book, Mercury’s facial hair would make few more appearances that of his beard in his last two years of his life between 1989 and 1991.


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