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35 years ago today (September 2nd, 1985) the song “Living On My Own” was released!

September 2, 2020   Seraja   6

“Living on My Own” is a song by Freddie Mercury, originally included in his first solo album Mr. Bad Guy. It was released as a single (backed with “My Love Is Dangerous”) in September 1985 in the United Kingdom where it peaked at number 50. The July 1985 release in the United States had “She Blows Hot and Cold” as its B-side.⠀

The videos for both the original 1985 and the 1993 remix versions of “Living on My Own” show footage of Mercury’s 39th birthday celebration on 5 September 1985 at the Old Mrs. Henderson nightclub in Munich. The video was directed by Hannes Rossacher and Rudi Dolezal.⠀

CBS Records president Walter Yetnikoff refused to send the clip out because of what a press released called its “perceived promiscuity,” which may have affected the single’s performance on the U.K. Singles chart, where it stalled at No. 50. It remained shelved until 1993, after Mercury’s death, when it accompanied a remix of the song by No More Brothers, which became a global hit.⠀

— pictures scanned from my “Freddie Mercury Never Boring” book, caption by wiki and ultimateclassicrock.
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