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Freddie’s interview with David Wigg 1986

August 7, 2020   Seraja   1

David: Are there any new challenges left though, for you?

Freddie: It’s trying to keep the band going when everybody says it’s breaking up, to be honest, really that’s sort of turned round in such a way, because I mean, we were all getting really desponded and we all wanted to do different things, and when you have that in your sort of bloodstream, as it, as it were, the slightest things that happens you just say ‘fine, that’s it’, you know, so it’s like you just need the, the slightest excuse to actually um, break up the band, and, for some odd reason I think, after, after sort of being on tour already, because we’ve done half the tour (David: yes) at the moment, and er, there was this um, thing that we start, we had started the tour, and I had sort of made up my mind that after the tour we’re gonna, but not let it out, or anything, we’re just gonna sort of finish the tour and then think about it, but I’d sort of made up my mind, but I mean, having said that, I was the one that actually changed, I mean I’m so, I do, I do, I’m a man of moods sometimes, so I mean, I suddenly thought that everything was going so well, and I sort of, I don’t know, from somewhere or other, I just got, I got a sort of, um, new found sort of force I think, suddenly there’s sort of more left in Queen, so, having said that I mean well, at the end of the tour I’ll probably say it’s finished, but I mean we really want to stay together. Where it really gets, um, pretty hectic in those areas is when we actually do an album, because I mean we do get on each other’s nerves and we actually really, it’s, it’s a real, it’s a pretty solid workout on that, and then you actually start thinking ‘is it really worth it after all these years’, because

I think the way I think about these things, I think so, so do the rest of them, is that after all these years, you don’t want it to be, it to be such a fight to get anything done, because I mean you’ve, you’ve already done that thing and I think most of it should be fun, like, like recording should be fun now because I mean we know each other and all that, but it’s not, it’s even worse, and I think, then you have to sit back and think ‘is it really worth it, why don’t we just go our separate ways and sort of enjoy it’, but I think we’re the four people that, in the end, sort of, we need that kind of thing, even though we don’t like it, and if it was too easy, we would think ‘oh dear’, you know what I mean, so I mean, like, we want to make it easy for ourselves and so we have this wonderful space to do nothing and we think ‘oh my God we’d better go back in’ and carry on fighting really, and I suppose that’s it, that’s the way I….

David: Do, do you, what, what kind of things do you fight over?

Freddie: A, a lot of the time is, how each musician is displayed on an album, so like if I had more songs than somebody else, it would make them a lesser musician, you see what I mean? That’s how, that’s how near the mark it is so, so I think now we’ve, I’ve, I’ve always tried to sort of make it very diplomatic, so I just say OK, no matter what it is we all have even songs from now, you know, like in the early days, I always wrote, Brian and I always wrote far more, but now it’s come to a stage where they all want to be, pull their weight, you know, so

David: Yes, and have a equal share of the songs

Freddie: At this point of time I think that’s the only way for Queen to survive

David: To the end, because that destroyed The Beatles in the end didn’t it when George Harrison and, and Ringo were complaining they had no tracks on the albums

Freddie: You see, I mean I don’t mind that, but at, at the time it, it sometimes grates on my nerves is that we can’t sort of just, just live as a quartet all the time, so it’s like you feel like every time you sort of make a move you’re like a four headed gorgon or something (laughter) you know it’s like, you know what I mean, I like to feel that I’m sort of in, we all want to feel that we’re individual (David: yeah, yeah), so that’s, it’s that break, that, that, that’s very hard to do, because otherwise it’s, it’s horrible to sort of just be, you know, thought of as one quarter of some entity, because I do enjoy it too, I enjoy it because it’s sort of, it is a kind of a hobby in a funny way, it’s something that, um, um, it’s, it’s a, it’s a, it’s so rewarding in the end that you just want to keep doing it, I mean, and do different aspects of it to see how they turn out

David: When you’re out there, um, that, the roar of the crowd, what, what does that do to you when you hear that roar of the crowd, how does it affect you?

Freddie: I look at the bank balance (laughter), what do you want me to say?

David: Well I mean does it give you, still give you shivers in the spine (Freddie: very much so, very much so) or do you feel nervous?

Freddie: Very much so, I was quite worried about undertaking this tour because I thought am I going to be able to do all this stuff, and my, my sort of voice is sort of like it, it takes a lot of beating and, and I just have to, have to make sure that I, I can’t sing as extensively as I used to so I have to, and, and there’s no excuse you can give, you can’t do a show and say look I’m sorry I did two shows, you know, last couple of days and so my, my voice is, you know, really taken a toll on the, on the third, so, to, I was very worried about that, because it’s a, it is a crucial moment as well because if we don’t do well now they’re gonna just say ‘OK, that is, that is the end of Queen’, it’s not like the early days where I could do anything because I always knew that I could get away with it, to get away with it now I have to sort of make sure that, because everyone’s watching, you know, it’s sort of

David: What sort of, talking about the people you socialise with, you mentioned the arts, and then I said to you would you invite an Eastender to dinner, I don’t mean, I don’t mean, I mean Eastenders TV series, that’s very popular, I don’t mean an East Ender

Freddie: Oh yes, I know, ah but I was just gonna ask you about that, oh, why not, I mean I just um, but it, it sort of goes with what I said, I mean it doesn’t matter what the, what the label is, I mean, if they’re interesting enough, I mean I had to, I, I couldn’t categorically just say well I, I wouldn’t have that and I would have that because you just don’t, never judge a book by it’s cover, so I mean it’s like

David: So you only see people that have got something to offer?

Freddie: Yes, it doesn’t matter where they came from, there are other things besides actually just being seen out with a, a superstar on each shoulder, and that’s

David: So what you’re really saying is that it’s more important for you to, when you’ve got away from the, from the spotlight and the stage, is to have, is to try and develop some personal relationship with someone

Freddie: ‘Cos you’re getting to that aren’t you… anybody would want that, I mean everybody wants a, a, you’re saying that everybody wants a, a lovely relationship, and at the same time go out and have fun, basically, oh we want that, you know, both ways. For the moment, for me at the moment of time I’m, I’m quite happy just coming home and um, you know, sort of tickling my peonies, it’s just (laughter)

David: And they’re out

Freddie: That’s why I’m tickling them. You shrewd thing you

David: Has wealth and fame brought you happiness?

Freddie: It’s brought me contentment at the moment, yeah, I’m very content

David: You look it, yes

Freddie: Yeah, I am, I’m very content, I’m very, it’s not what I thought I, I would be happy with, so it’s like, you know what I mean, you always sort of have a go in terms of happiness, in terms of love, but I, I quite like it, it’s something that I had to sort of um, come to terms with if you know what I mean, which is completely new to me, like, I mean you always sort of think this is the goal I want, and you strive for that, and suddenly for me I think I’ve been sort of pushed in, at a tangent, and suddenly I feel, OK this is the way I am and you have to sort of make the best of it, does that make sense? It’s

David: No (laughter)

Freddie: It’s like to me, you have your ideals or whatever in terms of, OK, but in terms of love and everything I always thought that it would be this way, and, and in, in term, in that area I’ve tried and tried and I’ve failed, and suddenly I’ve just been put in a different direction where I feel that’s where I, I, my happiness lies, rather than sort of have a one to one basis, I don’t, I don’t think that’s, that’s what um, I feel I’m gonna get out of my life, where I have a complete one to one, I feel that I can have a one to one thing with a lot of people around, this is what, what I think is, is going to be (David: your life) my life, and I think I have to come to terms with it and I’m, if you tell yourself that that’s what’s gonna be then you have to just, then you just let the steam off one end and just say fuck, it’s not gonna happen that way, do it over here and, and you know, don’t get so tangled up in it, otherwise you’re just gonna lose out, you’re gonna drop dead one day and say ‘oh my God’. I am, honestly, quite content, I really am

David: And you’ve become quite serious, haven’t you Freddie?

Freddie: Serious in terms of what?

David: About everything?

Freddie: I’ve always been serious

David: Have you?

Freddie: But I still have a flippant nature (David: yes, yes) you have to have that (David: yes, yes), but um, I suppose I mean, you know, being thirty nine, sort of, you look upon it in a more sedate way, for a more sort of, you know, I’m not as um

David: Do you have a fear of middle age, like some people?

Freddie: Not at all, no, it’s a very difficult life for people in our, in our position, as you know, and the slightest thing can turn it all back, and sometimes you can actually, you can be a very strong person, and you can build it all up and against all odds you’ve got that, and it takes one tiny little thing, like, I mean something you’ve put, and it’s always, it’s to do with love, I think love always comes first, it’s always there, and love can always let you down, and that little four letter word can actually send you cart wheeling back

David: And you feel it all stems from basically from love because you have all that wealth, all that success?

Freddie: No, I think I’m, I’m just saying in my point of view I think yeah, I think love’s always the one that is the hardest to sort of achieve and it’s the one that can let you down the most, most often, so it can be, I think, in, in ways that you, various ways that you can sort of pinpoint it, it always sort of ends up at love, I tell you

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