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Freddie Mercury’s Surprise Birthday Party For Roger Taylor Cost Much More Money Than We Expected

It has revealed that the iconic British singer and the frontman of Queen, Freddie Mercury, had celebrated Roger Taylor’s birthday 34 years ago by spending a huge amount of money.

A fan page of Freddie Mercury has shared a rare video from the drummer Roger Taylor’s 37th birthday in honor of his 71st birthday this year. In the video, the bandmate of Taylor, Freddie Mercury seems as the organizer of the surprise party.

Mercury displays his strong bond with Taylor, as the video shows, and jokes around him saying about the drummer figure on the top of the cake that it is their new drummer. He also tries to trick Taylor by claiming a girl is going to pop out of that cake

According to the fan page, the birthday party Freddie Mercury threw in his own presidential suite in Budapest cost £5000, which was a large amount of money considering the years the party was given

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