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Queen performed at Westfalenhalle in Dortmund, Germany in 1979.

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Queen performed at Westfalenhalle in Dortmund, Germany this day in 1979.
The first picture was taken on the day of the concert in front of Dortmund’s main railway station, about three kilometres from the concert hall.
The audience has a ball throughout, and don’t seem to notice (or care) that Freddie’s voice isn’t in too great shape for this show.
The tension breaks during the vocal exchange of Now I’m Here when Freddie laughs at his efforts to reach for a high note. “I ain’t gonna make the top note,” he contends, and he continues on. Soon he tries the same scale again and hits the high note this time.

This is the first known instance of an audience chanting their request for Mustapha from the Jazz album, and Freddie singing the a cappella intro for them (as heard on Live Killers before Bohemian Rhapsody). Some fans in the audience are disappointed when the band don’t play the song itself, and they even repeat their chant after the next song. “We just might do that one of these days,” says Freddie. They would do so on the next European tour, although it wouldn’t stop in Dortmund.

More pictures here

Tonight is the first known performance of Don’t Stop Me Now. The song would always be performed with Freddie only playing the piano intro and Brian noodling some lines that resemble the melody. The breakdown section of the song would vary from night to night, as it would be greatly extended from the studio version.
Roger’s effortless vocalizing in the intro of Dreamers Ball finds Freddie jokingly responding with “I hate you, bitch!”

After the song, Brian: “We’d like to do this next one in response to almost no popular demand at all,” referring to Love Of My Life. He states this facetiously, as the audience were singing quite a lot during the show, as heard on the recording. A fan who attended the show confirms that Freddie and Brian did perform the song (it is the one song missing from the recording), and he recalls purchasing Live Killers and fondly remembering precisely how that moment of the show felt.

This fan also recalls how many people had brought along bicycle bells to the show with hopes of ringing them during Bicycle Race, and how the band left them in confusion when the shortened version of the song led into I’m In Love With My Car, eliminating their chance to ring their bells to mimic those heard on the studio version.
The audience sing along for most of the show, and with Mercury’s ailing voice he appreciates their enthusiasm, even thanking them after Now I’m Here for their participation. He even leaves holes in Bohemian Rhapsody for them to fill in, and they do so dutifully.


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