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Freddie was the pure entertainer

June 21, 2020   Seraja   10

“Freddie was the pure entertainer, he didn’t care for money or organisation. He was responsible for the show and the one who instilled in us the belief that we had to make people gasp every time. Freddie never hid it, his fuel was his audience, his fans. Freddie Said: ‘Yes, I like an audience to respond to us wildly. Maybe sometimes we’d like them to sit down and listen to some of the songs and what we want to say, but I get a lot more from them when they’re going wild, and it bring more out of me, that’s how I work’.”

Roger Taylor

  1. That says it all!❤️☕️

  2. Oh, I can understand it’s contagious 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday

  3. Hi! Very nice to find ur site

  4. Still is the best,

  5. I’ve tasted a little of the crowd’s roar and IT IS INTOXICATING! “D

  6. Still we remember… with so much love and affection.

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