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Yesterday I received a sweet mail request.
It concerns these pictures. Queen live at the St. James Park, Newcastle, UK [09.07.1986]. Unfortunately not very good quality. But beautiful,But here the are .And when i find beter i post theme


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July 08, 2020 | 0 comments

The rare photo of Queen legend Freddie Mercury was unveiled by one of the most popular Freddie fan pages on Instagram, ‘Freddie Mercury Club.’

The Instagram page ‘Freddie Mercury Club’ continued to share really rare photos of Freddie Mercury to show his unbelievable talents. In the photo, Freddie looks like a real boxer and fights with his opponent.

Also, Freddie Mercury’s friend and member of his school band, Bruce Murray, has told the unheard story of this event and he had surprised when he saw Freddie on the ring. You can read more below.

Here’s the story of the photo:

“I remember a boxing match where Freddie was really getting hammered in the ring, and we all kept telling him to concede the fight. But, no. Freddie insisted on fighting on till the end, with blood all over his face. He could be very tenacious. He got hammered but he wouldn’t give up.

Bruce Murray (Freddie’s friend and bandmate when they were in The Hectics together while in high school in India)”

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July 07, 2020 | 2 comments

Seeing Freddie shine like with Live Aid you thought … it’s a good thing he uses his power for good!
Think if he was a leader … a populated leader can get a demagogue, a similar charist and a crowd of 72,000 people hanging on your lips.
Think of the famous beat-up of Radio Gaga … or the bump and reaction of his singing.
He excluded them.
He said implants and everyone happened, they didn’t think they were doing it …
Paul Gambaccini
Freddie Mercury the ultimate showman.Remember it’s almost 13 July . This change the music history on 1985 . Live AID QUEEN

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July 06, 2020 | 2 comments

This is the best industry to be in because you can get rich and have a wonderful time, but it´s very hard work. I´m very happy doing this. It i weren´t, I´d give it up. I´ts not the money any more. I’m arill hungry to do things.

Freddie Mercury, “A life, in his own word.”

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July 06, 2020 | 0 comments

Queen performed at The Palace Theatre in Waterbury, Connecticut, USA this day in
This is the opening show of the 1976 US tour, most likely including the first performance of Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon.

About 40 pictures were snapped at this show from the front row. Freddie was aware of the photographer’s presence and really hammed it up for the camera, making for some stunning poses. They are still in the photographer’s possession and unfortunately that’s likely where they will remain. There’s only a couple that we have.

In a 1977 UK newspaper interview, Brian May recalled how this was the first tour where the venues were selling out everywhere. He then spoke about the differences between British and American audiences: “Here the fans are more reserved until they have reached a point where they can explode. In the States they are ready to explode at the beginning. They will give you anything you want – once you gain their favour.”


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